ADG Architects


ADG Architects grew out of the original in-house architectural team at Aycliffe Development Corporation, so industrial architecture is rooted firmly in the DNA of our practice.

Over 30 years of experience

In the past 30 years we have designed and built more than two million square feet of industrial and commercial space for over 300 clients, including 3M, Darlington Borough Council, Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, Husquvarna, Lyons Tetley, Magnet, Nissan, NSK Bearings, Subsea Innovation, Volvo Trucks and Warburtons.

We have developed long standing client relationships of many years, often providing extensions to facilities we designed some years earlier, and being asked to work on new projects at new sites.

Arrange a meeting with us

We are happy to have a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss any size of potential project, from a new access point in an industrial building to a large manufacturing facility.