ADG Architects


ADG Architects is an industry leader in 3D Modelling for Environmental Impact Assessments.

Having been involved with the development of 3D Modelling software since its inception, we can provide much more accurate 3D images than required by the Landscape Institute’s guidelines.

International Power Industry Clients

Our ability to produce mathematically correct photo montages for Environmental Impact Assessments is particularly appreciated by our international Power Industry clients, such as Wessex Solar Energy, Teesside Biomass, PB Power, Sinclair Knight Merz, Rolls Royce Power Ventures and Scottish Power, to name but a few.

3D Modelling portfolio

In total our 3D Modelling portfolio includes several hundred images and photomontages for projects in the UK, Europe, and the USA from small visualisation commissions to large scale multi million pound capital projects, including Heathrow Terminal 5 power plant.

​Our expertise

Our expertise in this area means that we can generate extremely accurate 3D models for the projects we design to give our clients a real understanding of how their completed building will look.